Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Every year I try to start something new, not related to work, for work thanks to nature of job every day doing something new, was thinking what for this year, last couple of years started initiative to create awareness on fatty liver disease or osteoporosis or helping those dumped in hospital or helping those fearing honor killing. This year a movement, Blank face. People cant see them, their face always remain unknown, people cant hear them, their voice always remain mute, people cant see their expressions, people treat them something unwanted, something exists only for mare existence. But they have body, they work and help those who have a face which can see, which can express their feeling, which people can hear and so follow them and make their faces more known, more visible. through #BlankFaceMovement I want to make those blank faces know and understand meaning of having a face.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Helpline against honor killings

If fearing your relatives kill you and your partner reason married against their wishes, please contact us 24x7. Apart from saving your life, we'll also help to empower you, get proper guidance that not have any financial constraints, become strong enough to face your family members and fight on your own, later.
Contact number: +91-8097578752