Saturday, August 24, 2019

Suicide Helpline-Talk To Us now

If you're thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, our Suicide Helpline available 24/7. Talk To Us now.
Ixora Society provides free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.

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Planned Parenthood-Sexual Consent

Consent means actively agreeing to be sexual with someone. Consent lets someone know that sex is wanted. Sexual activity without consent is rape or sexual assault.

What's consent?
Sexual consent is an agreement to participate in a sexual activity. Before being sexual with someone, you need to know if they want to be sexual with you too. It's also important to be honest with your partner about what you want and don’t want.

Consenting and asking for consent are all about setting your personal boundaries and respecting those of your partner-and checking in if things aren't clear. Both people must agree to sex-every single time-for it to be consensual.

Without consent, sexual activity (including oral sex, genital touching, and vaginal or anal penetration) is sexual assault or rape.

Consent is easy as FRIES:

  • Freely given: Consenting is a choice you make without pressure, manipulation, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Reversible: Anyone can change their mind about what they feel like doing, anytime. Even if you've done it before, and even if you're both naked in bed.
  • Informed: You can only consent to something if you have the full story. For example, if someone says they’ll use a condom and then they don’t, there isn’t full consent.
  • Enthusiastic: When it comes to sex, you should only do stuff you WANT to do, not things that you feel you're expected to do.
  • Specific: Saying yes to one thing (like going to the bedroom to make out) doesn't mean you've said yes to others (like having sex).
For more information or advice:
Call Planned Parenthood Helpline Number of Ixora Society: +91-9137846407, 8850948279